We are a co-operative group of friends and associates, and take actions with our organization, the Social Enterprise "Greece Everywhere" www.elladapantou.com www.elladapantou.com

Our group aims to create new jobs in Greece, and it is forbidden by law and our statutes to share profits with our members. The only way to gain a benefit is to work for the Enterprise..

Greece Everywhere WebTogether, for common but different reasons, we aspire to be the "adhesive" between institutions and people within the Greek diaspora and the local communities

The Expo Fest "Greece Everywhere" will be held annually in various European countries (and then beyond Europe) and aim to unite the unspent social, cultural and economic capital of these countries with the local community and of course to create a strong link with Greece in matters of culture, promotion and sale of products and services, Greek gastronomy, etc.

Our vision has already been heard by many organizations, individuals, clubs, federations, cooperatives in Greece and the rest of the world, and they are expected to work together to create enough Expo-Fests in several countries around the world in the coming years.

We hope in this struggle, which combines vision with survival and cooperative-partnership ideals, to have you all with us!